Restoration of Civil Rights after a Felony Criminal Conviction

The following is notes and links on how to restore civil rights. Mostly for Arizona state laws and some references for Federal restoration. In Arizona, defendants can get a restoration of their civil rights after completing their felony sentence. If it was a first felony conviction, this happens automatically. If it was a second or subsequent offense, it requires an application. If approved, [ » ]

Update to Travel matrix

Update to Travel matrix – good news finally; Tahiti confirmed good, Barbabos, Guatemala good We finally received a report from Tahiti.   The registrant was not even stopped, just traveled straight through immigration.   I personally traveled to Barbados.  I was politely interrogated.  I realized I would be allowed to stay when the local police then [ » ]

VA Voter Rights Restore

If you are looking for a good lead on the VA Governor’s restoration Order try this one: snippet~ Order for the Restoration of Rights Governor McAuliffe’s April 22 order restores the rights to all individuals who, as of April 22, 2016, have completed the terms of incarceration and have completed any period of supervised [ » ]

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Registrant Travel Experience Report

Thank you for sharing! We collect this data to help in our fight against unconstitutional and unjust laws. Whether your trip experience was poor or uneventful, we would like to hear about it. All information regarding registrant travel experiences is valuable in our effort, so please don’t hesitate to share your experience. Travel Experience Report

Arizona Restoration of Rights, Pardon, Expungement & Sealing

I.  Restoration of Civil Rights/Firearms Privileges A.  Civil Rights Conviction of a felony suspends the right to vote, to hold office, and to sit on a jury. Ariz. Const. art. VII, § 2(C); Ariz. Rev. Stat. §§ 13-904(A)(1)-(3); 16-101(A)(5); 21-201(3). See also Ariz. Rev. Stat. § 14-5651(C)(3) (fiduciary, including court-appointed guardians and personal representatives unrelated [ » ]

Re-Entry Programs for Ex-Offenders in Arizona

Ex-offenders seeking to return to society often encounter substantial barriers upon their release, especially in the areas of housing and employment. Housing barriers may exist dependent upon the underlying conviction of the ex-offender, as certain felony convictions may limit the housing options available to the ex-offender. Other barriers include lack of financial resources and limited [ » ]

Utah’s Recidivism Rate In Light of National Trends What is recidivism and what is the impact on the state? How does Utah compare nationally? What is Utah doing to address inmate recidivism and where is there room for improvement? What are other states doing? One in 31 adults in the U.S. was incarcerated or being supervised Total state expenditures on Corrections grew [ » ]

The long arm of sex offender laws

Ex-offenders convicted of sex crimes in the United States are accustomed to facing numerous and often burdensome restrictions. There are laws governing where they are allowed to live, what kind of job they can hold and, in some cases, if they are even allowed to own a computer, long after they have ostensibly paid their [ » ]

WAR On the Road

January we saw a very empowered group of WAR members and supporters at our first Meet and Greet with legislators on capitol grounds in Arizona. We encourage you to make every effort to participate in any of the state visits announced over the year. Below is our schedule for February and March. Please take the [ » ]

Challenge to International Megan’s Law – the next step in pushing back on H.R. 515

Dear , You are receiving this message for two reasons; to share information on the next step in pushing back on H.R. 515 and share a Ted Talk You Tube video with Galen Baughman recently released which will no-doubt escalate our issue to a new level.  Please share the video with your legislators and [ » ]

Harvard’s Leah Litman taking the lead on key issue picked up by Supreme Court

Casetext contributor Leah Litman, a former clerk for Justice Kennedy and a fellow at Harvard Law School, has written several authoritative pieces for Casetext highlighting the consequences of the Johnson decision. In “Circuit Splits and Original Writs“, she documented the Circuit split and explained the central problem bedeviling the federal courts: Johnson means that there [ » ]


ALERT: New Jersey’s Rep Smith and International Megan’s Law, Another Violation Here is what we know about International Megan’s Law (IML) right now, it has been amended in the U.S. Senate and returned to the U.S. House for their approval before final voting on the bill. We also know there is going to be a second session of [ » ]

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