Ex Post Facto Clause as it applies to Registrants

Here is a good starting point for those whom are working with getting removed from the registry and want to ustilize the Ex Post Facto Clause. You can not be retroactively punished for a crime you committed before and ‘new’ law of punishment enhancement is enacted. This Ex Post Facto argument is also a good [ » ]

50-state survey of relief from sex offender registration

[http://ccresourcecenter.org] have prepared a new 50-state chart detailing the provisions for termination of the obligation to register as a sex offender in each state and under federal law.  This project was inspired by Wayne Logan’s recent article in the Wisconsin Law Review titled “Database Infamia: Exit from the Sex Offender Registries,” discussed on this site on [ » ]

The long arm of sex offender laws

Ex-offenders convicted of sex crimes in the United States are accustomed to facing numerous and often burdensome restrictions. There are laws governing where they are allowed to live, what kind of job they can hold and, in some cases, if they are even allowed to own a computer, long after they have ostensibly paid their [ » ]

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WAR On the Road

January we saw a very empowered group of WAR members and supporters at our first Meet and Greet with legislators on capitol grounds in Arizona. We encourage you to make every effort to participate in any of the state visits announced over the year. Below is our schedule for February and March. Please take the [ » ]

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Harvard’s Leah Litman taking the lead on key issue picked up by Supreme Court

Casetext contributor Leah Litman, a former clerk for Justice Kennedy and a fellow at Harvard Law School, has written several authoritative pieces for Casetext highlighting the consequences of the Johnson decision. In “Circuit Splits and Original Writs“, she documented the Circuit split and explained the central problem bedeviling the federal courts: Johnson means that there [ » ]