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Recently there was a federally funded study in New Jersey to see the effectiveness of Megan’s Law. It was found that Megan’s Law did not prevent any new crimes from occurring and did not lower the recidivism rate. Here is the article and here is another article that states the obvious…fails_t_1.html


I am a felon but not a sex offender; I committed a crime and was convicted. I have reformed my life and am no longer an offender, not any more of such as a person who committed any other crime and has been reformed. You can call me a felon or a person who made bad choices, but please do not call me what I no longer am: a sex offender. You are not helping me become a better person and you do not know my past. All life is precious and all life can be complex; respect this as I respect everyone else who is “not perfect.” —Anonymous Joe

As of October, 2018 there are now 917,771 registered citizens on the Herpes List. ref.: Map of Registered Sex Offenders in the United States