IML Lawsuit Media Articles

here is where you can catch up on the status of the The first legal challenge to International Megan’s Law IML Lawsuit Media Articles (updated 2/12)


A New Year ~ A New Direction

Reprinted from email from Vicki @ in respect to the first National WAR initiative. What started with a WAR National Board of Director’s decision to take a bit of a new direction in 2016 evolved into a strategy to go on-site in twelve states and help our WAR members conduct Meet and Greet events [ » ]


Issues Blog for Az – good reads but old… maybe you can contribute to feed the search engines.


Fighting the Destruction of Families

Fighting the Destruction of Families       Please Join Us   Wednesday, January 20th for our Meet & Greet Event   At the ‘Rose Garden’ area of the Arizona State Capitol Lawn   From 11:30 AM till 6:00 PM   Or the   The historic Senate Chambers Room 2:00 PM till 4:00 PM   [ » ]



ALERT: New Jersey’s Rep Smith and International Megan’s Law, Another Violation Here is what we know about International Megan’s Law (IML) right now, it has been amended in the U.S. Senate and returned to the U.S. House for their approval before final voting on the bill. We also know there is going to be a second session of [ » ]