S18A1211. PARK v. THE STATE. MELTON, Chief Justice

S18A1211. PARK v. THE STATE. MELTON, Chief Justice. We granted an interlocutory appeal in this case to address Joseph Park’s facial challenge to the constitutionality of OCGA § 42-1-14, which requires, among other things, that a person who is classified as a sexually dangerous predator – but who is no longer in State custody or [ » ]


Jill Levenson, a clinical social worker and associate professor at Barry University in Florida

Jill S. Levenson is an American social worker and professor of social work at Barry University, known for her research into “the way society monitors and treats sexual criminals.”[1] She has been a co-investigator or consultant on five grants funded by the U.S. Department of Justice, researching the impact and effectiveness of social policies and [ » ]