Restoration of Civil Rights after a Felony Criminal Conviction

The following is notes and links on how to restore civil rights. Mostly for Arizona state laws and some references for Federal restoration. In Arizona, defendants can get a restoration of their civil rights after completing their felony sentence. If it was a first felony conviction, this happens automatically. If it was a second or subsequent offense, it requires an application. If approved, [ » ]

Utah’s Recidivism Rate In Light of National Trends What is recidivism and what is the impact on the state? How does Utah compare nationally? What is Utah doing to address inmate recidivism and where is there room for improvement? What are other states doing? One in 31 adults in the U.S. was incarcerated or being supervised Total state expenditures on Corrections grew [ » ]


Challenge to International Megan’s Law – the next step in pushing back on H.R. 515

Dear , You are receiving this message for two reasons; to share information on the next step in pushing back on H.R. 515 and share a Ted Talk You Tube video with Galen Baughman recently released which will no-doubt escalate our issue to a new level.  Please share the video with your legislators and [ » ]