ALERT: New Jersey’s Rep Smith and International Megan’s Law, Another Violation

Here is what we know about International Megan’s Law (IML) right now, it has been amended in the U.S. Senate and returned to the U.S. House for their approval before final voting on the bill. We also know there is going to be a second session of 114th Congress on 1-4-16where bills can be voted on and passed into law. IML has gone to the U.S. House Foreign Affairs Committee.

The main U.S. House Foreign Affairs Committee (HERE) is Chaired by Rep Ed Royce of California. However there are a few subcommittees, we are concerned with “Subcommittee on Africa, Global Health, Global Human Rights, and International Organizations” which is Chaired by Rep Smith of New Jersey, author of IML.

Note: Certain Members serve on the FULL House Foreign Affairs Committee, and are also Members of a Subcommittee: See HERE. Rep Smith is one who serves on both. All of these committees must follow Committee rules. See HERE. Yes they are technical.

One thing we do know about Committees is, that bills only pass out of Committee if the Chairman of the committee says so. Clearly IML will have Rep Smith’s support. However there are SEVEN other committee members from: California, Rhode Island, Florida, Tennessee, North Carolina and New York (See HERE right side).

It is strongly recommended that folks living in those states make their voices heard by contacting these folks specifically asking them tovote against IML for many reasons. One is that, IML violates the rights of any foreign sex offender coming to the United States(included in IML). We have often seen Foreign Courts REFUSE to extradite someone because they are protected by the European Convention on Human Rights and other foreign documents.

U.S. Citizens (including former sex offenders) are protected by that Convention when they are in a covered foreign country. Accordingly, if Congress votes to pass IML they are votingAGAINST the principles and protections of the European Convention of Human Rights. Congress needs to be reminded of this POSSIBLE VIOLATION when voting on IML.

1-4-16 is fast approaching, folks need to act as quickly as possible.Contact your U.S Reps in Washington DC and raise this issue to them.

It is no wonder why many foreign powers dislike the U.S., this is one of the reasons; Congressional disrespect of foreign laws.

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