Voices for Civil Justice is a national nonprofit communications hub that uses media coverage to spotlight the critical role of civil legal aid.

We connect reporters with our national network of legal aid sources and help them find client stories and ongoing lawsuits. Pitch and brainstorm story ideas to national and local outlets. Provide messaging guidance and other communications tools to advocates.

Based in Washington DC, Voices has a three person staff and a nine person advisory committee (as of April 2015).

Voices delivers three things:

  1. Increased visibility for civil legal aid in the national media;
  2. Improved capacity for media advocacy across the civil legal aid sector; and
  3. A new and strengthened “brand” for civil legal aid.

Civil legal aid is a wide range of services, including legal representation, easy-to-understand forms, and advice so you can know your rights. It promotes fairness in the justice system regardless of how much money you have and helps people protect their livelihoods, homes, health and families.

Voices was launched in late 2013. Core funders are the Public Welfare Foundation and The Kresge Foundation. Voices for Civil Justice is housed within and legally administered by an intermediary organization, the New Venture Fund.

1201 Connecticut Ave NW
Suite 300
Washington, DC 20036
Desk: 202-734-4261